Bermuda… you are quite the treasure! Thanks to our teammate Roy Burch, we were able to spend 10 days in the sunshine training at the Bermuda National Sports Center and getting to experience some of the really cool things this country has to offer. I’m calling it a “train-cation” – equal parts training and vacation!

The best thing about Bermuda is its people! You are all incredibly nice and welcoming. Tim, Jimmy, Arianna, and I all stayed in a house courtesy of one of Bermuda’s swimming families, the Powell’s, who were away on vacation. Their neighbors (and relatives… also the Powell’s) were left to take care of us. Thank you Buggy, Tori, Skyler, Dylan, and Tucker! This fam welcomed us with open arms, showed us around the island, and took us out cliff jumping and sea turtle watching on their boat. You made us feel right at home!

The group of us in the house rented scooters to get around and appropriately named ourselves the scooter squad. I know… we are so cool. We loved exploring on the scooters and of course always knew exactly where we were going and never got lost. Just kidding, that is a total lie. We got lost all the time! But, getting lost and seeing the island was part of the fun! I swear Jimmy, Anna, and Tim were born to ride scooters and loved seeing how fast they could make those little things go. Me…not so much. I usually brought up the caboose and arrived everywhere we went at least 5 minutes after Jimmy. It’s ok though because I am still alive and I only crashed once!

Another adventure worth sharing was our SCUBA trip. I had never been SCUBA diving before and wasn’t sure what to expect. After a small panic attack (I definitely did not trust this apparatus that would allow me to breath underwater), I calmed down and fell in love! We dove 3 shipwrecks, each with some great history, but the BEST part was our experience with a sea turtle. This beautiful turtle let us swim within inches of him and then proceeded to swim towards Jimmy and sit in his lap. He was so calm and content and would have sat with Jimmy for hours. Our dive master told us he has never seen anything quite like it. It was very special! Thank you Blue Water Divers & Watersports – Bermuda.

A few other Bermuda highlights:

  • Finding private beaches and hidden lagoons only accessible by rock climbing.
  • Doing open water/beach training with Oracle Team USA and getting a special tour of their base. We can’t wait to watch and cheer for you in next year’s Americas Cup!
  • Cuddling with the Powell’s two cats, Stormy and Claire.
  • The peace and quiet.
  • The perfectly clear and electric blue waters.

We had a great training camp in Bermuda and loved getting to enjoy this beautiful island. We can’t wait to return in the near future!

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