Duel in the Pool – Indianapolis, Indiana

This meets jumps right to the top of the “most fun meets I’ve ever been to” list. I used to watch Duel in the Pool on TV when I was young. It was a dream come true to compete as a member of Team USA! The meet is structured in a duel format (hence the name) – USA vs Europe All-Stars. I was honored to get to represent the USA on the 4×100 medley relay along with Courtney Bartholomew, Kelsi Worrell, and Simone Manuel. It was an extremely close relay but we swam with a lot of fight and came out with the win…. AND with a new World Record!!! Though we were thrilled to have a WR, we were more excited with the win at the time; we just wanted to get our hand on the wall first and get points for the team. To be honest, I didn’t even realize it was a WR until a few moments after the race finished. It’s amazing to share a World Record with Courtney, Kelsi, and Simone… It’s a very weird and very exciting feeling. That relay was one I will never forget!

Team USA had the lead heading into day 2 of competition, but we knew we would have to work hard if we wanted to win the meet. The group definitely stepped up and got the job done. There were so many fast swims and close races on day 2. I was truly inspired by all the amazing swimming around me. The energy and momentum the team built was immeasurable.

Shortly before my 100 Breaststroke, Cammile Adams (roommate/teammate/fellow Boo lover) guided me out to the deck to “see something”. I was a bit reluctant because I was in the middle of my warm up, but she insisted. She pointed up in the stands and I immediately saw Tim Phillips (boyfriend/teammate/best friend) stand up. Shocked to see him in the stands I almost started crying… THEN Maureen (big sister) stood up! I actually started crying. Maureen has been unable to get to a swim meet since I was in high school! It was a special moment and a wonderful surprise… Something to make this special meet a little extra special.

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