Wednesday Lake Day

We got a bit of a treat today instead of our typical Wednesday workout. Thanks to My Aloha Paddle and Surf and to Carefree Boat Club Lake Norman we spent our practice on the lake. I’ll be honest.. open water swimming is not a strong suit of mine (I prefer all my races to be 100m or shorter) but today was a lot of fun! It’s nice to get a break from the black line on the bottom of the pool and enjoy the water in a different way.



Lake3 Lake6

After a swim/paddle board combination we had a lot of laughs with one of David’s more fun brainchild’s. Here are the instructions: 1) Hang on to the tow line on the back of the boat while playing like a dolphin in the wake (imagine body surfing but better). 2) Release to catch the wave and swim with it as far as possible. It’s actually great sprinting technique work since it’s impossible for us to reach that speed on our own in a pool. Fun and effective… my kind of workout!!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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