Sponsors and Supporters

Direct Chassis Link, Inc.

Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (DCLI) is the third largest chassis provider in North America.  DCLI provides chassis to motor carriers, shipping lines, and BCO’s throughout the United States with locations on or near key port facilities and other intermodal hubs. When I moved to Charlotte in July 2013 I started working part-time as a Human Resources intern for DCLI as a way to help support myself financially. Over the next 18 months I developed a great relationship with the company.  The employees at DCLI became some of my closest friends and biggest support system in Charlotte.

I am now fully sponsored by DCLI. The values DCLI promotes as a company include continuous improvement, honesty, accountability, and respect. As an athlete, I aim to represent these ideals everywhere I travel. I work as an advocate for the company on local and national stages – my goal is to represent and communicate how and why DCLI is one of Charlotte’s best companies. I also work with employees and their children on water safety skills, goal-setting skills, and time management – hoping to inspire young children to be the best selves they can be.

Thank you DCLI! I am lucky to have such a wonderful company and wonderful people standing behind me on this journey.

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USA Swimming

USA Swimming provides many different types of support to its National Team Athletes. To make the US National team, you have to be on the six fastest swimmers in the US in an event. We are lucky enough to get the honor to wear the red, white, and blue.

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Speedo USA

The world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo is passionate about life in and around the water. The brand’s heritage of innovation derives from its leadership in competitive swimming, where more Olympic Gold Medals have been won in Speedo than any other brand.

No matter why you dive in – training, fitness or fun – those moments in the water are always better with Speedo.

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New York Athletic Club

In 1868, John Babcock, Henry Buermeyer and William Curtis sought to bring order to the disorganized world of amateur athletics in the USA. The club they built has become home to icons from the worlds of business, the arts, politics and, of course, athletics. The intermingling of athletics, recreation, socializing and camaraderie has only strengthened since those early days. Today, the NYAC’s members – from elite sportsmen and women to recreational enthusiasts to gourmands and oenophiles – continue a tradition nearly 150 years in the making. That tradition illustrates all that individuals of ability, vision and commitment can accomplish. It is these individuals who comprise the cornerstone of the New York Athletic Club.

I am proud to be a represent NYAC as a member of their elite team. The club has a rich history of excellence that I am humbled to be a small piece of. Thank you NYAC for your support in my journey!

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